Aviator – how to win at the game for money

The Aviator game refers to simple types of gambling entertainment. It’s not easy to develop a strategy. But chaotic bets will definitely not lead to a good profit. There are a number of tactics based on the competent distribution of the bankroll and the ability not to give in to emotions, but to bet at the right moment. The strategies of the Aviator game are conditionally divided by the number of simultaneous bets. They are advisory in nature, in order to make a profit, players must evaluate and adjust to the game themselves.

Strategies of Aviator

Strategies of the Aviator game for one bet

Before applying any tactics, you need to remember that any game and Aviator without any exception, has “home benefits”. It means that the casino always wins in the long terms. The players’ task is to reduce the number of losing bets. Given that Aviator has a 3% home advantage, the use of certain strategies will help to achieve the task.

The strategy of less risk at the game Aviator for money

It is reasonable to activate the autorun and Auto Cash Out functions here. Aviator rarely fall or fly away at a multiplier of 1.2. To make a profit, you need to install autorun so as not to miss the opportunity to earn money. And cash out the money with coefficients in the range of 1.2-1.4. The exact programmed multiplier value depends on the amount of the bet.

The risky strategy for quick earnings at the Aviator game

A preliminary analysis is needed to determine the frequency of loss of an attractive multiplier. The data is available in statistics. . Chasing a sky-high coefficient is unreasonable, take x2, x3. It falls on average every 1-1.5 hours. Track when the aviator best strategy took off last time to a given height and approximately count an hour and a half. Take 10% of the total pot and place a bet. with such a game, even if the bet burns out, the next one will cover the costs and even make money. In the long run, the percentage of earnings will please.

aviator game 1win

Strategy of playing Aviatorgame for two simultaneous bets

The popularity of the aviator game winning strategy has contributed to the designing of betting strategies. Most experienced gambling enthusiasts who have achieved good results tend to believe that 2 simultaneous bets are needed to win.

You need to start with a small amount, which should be distributed in a ratio of 2:1. For example, you set the nominal value of the first bet of 10$, and the other, respectively, 20$. The point is that a large nominal rate covers a smaller one, and the one with a smaller size should make a profit.

To begin with, you need to analyze at which multipliers the aircraft begins to decline and select a range of coefficients. The first one needs to cash out a large bet when the multiplier grows to about 1.5. At a rate of 20$ (our example) 30 will be credited to your balance. The amount covers the nominal value of the smaller bet and gives you the freedom to make a profit on the bet with the smallest amount. You can risk waiting for the multiplier to increase, minimum to 3.0.

After successful cashing out, the winnings for the second bet will be 30$, and the total net profit (taking into account the funds spent) will be 30$, which is equal to 100% of the profit and is a good indicator.


The proposed strategies do not guarantee permanent large winnings. To succeed at the best strategy for aviator game, you need to constantly experiment with the amounts of bets and the speed of cashing out. Strategies are just ideas, all results are random. But if you have developed a profitable betting tactic, we will be glad to learn about it on our feedback page.